5 World’s Most Interesting Casinos

The concept of gambling isn’t anything new to you. It represents something to everyone. Whatever your impression of the “house of luck” – to you standing for huge gain, or loss; the thought of it in itself is something that’s part of our history, and the future. It’s a lucrative idea to be financially struggling one minute, then changing it completely for yourself by... read more

Why America Is Worried About Crimea So Much

Lately, I have been in a wild writer’s block & hence want to take this opportunity to express my thoughts in an article form. List fans don’t worry, this article is mixed with a list, enjoy your media under the main story. Stay tuned for the brand new lists coming back very soon. Today I’d like to talk about the Ukrainian Crimea, or at least, after it was voted back into the Russian... read more

Top 5 US Wireless Providers

Putting together an article comparing consumer products & services requires a certain amount of scientific approach. But at the core of any article is a grain of perception. Perception leads to comments that aren’t always facts, but are more like details of personal experience. Given good taste, those insights can educate as well as facts, at appropriate times. Personally, through the years,... read more

5 Most Wicked Halloween Costumes

The best thing about dressing up for the Halloween, is being able to reincarnate imagination, it’s that time when human clothing expression potential is unconditionally accepted. You may dress as a villain dictator, if you can pull it off, of course, as much as you are allowed to dress as a Marshmallow Man. There rules is that there are none, a fashion anarchy in a way. The image is set, but who are... read more

Top 8 Before They Were Classic Stars

All of our larger-than-life symbols have roots to their youth, knowing celebrities trend high, it only makes sense to write something for the fans of the stars. Do you know what most of them looked like young? For the first installment, I would like to concentrate on our most favorite stars that grew up with us. Giving the new, growing Hollywood, a possibility of the list of their own in the future. So... read more

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