Most Beautiful & Deadly Cold-Blooded Killers

Just in time for the next Hallmark holiday, it’s time to face the dark half of the only two universal things. If you guessed death, you’re with me, but if you didn’t guess anything, or guessed wrong, well, you’re with me too. Let’s talk about the fascinating re-occurrence of friendly-looking, yet deadly creatures. They exist, & shouldn’t be petted. I think the... read more

New 7 Greatest Facebook Trolls

To all readers: This is a 18+, adult article. Please read another article if you are under the age limit. Minors reading this article will violate the site rules. Fire up the: “facebook trolls” request on google, or bing, and chances are, you will see that one strong force has been cleverly covering the art of troll. That being troll engine (it even has a huge troll... read more

5 Scariest Women Of Crack Before & After

Crack-rock is a form of cocaine, cooked with other, often dangerous¬†chemical substances to create more product out of less. It’s target are the¬† low-income addicts, as opposed to the cocaine market; Because of the cheaper price of crack. So at what cost do these addicts save money? Unfortunately, in very many cases, the cost is life. Cocaine isn’t at all any better alternative, that’s... read more

7 Most Sarcastic Summer Blockbuster Titles

The summer is over, but what it brought will remain either honorably, infamously, or float as a leaf in the Hollywood history. Internet nowadays giving power to so many graphic designers, and companies that want to produce good content, in my sole opinion, all thanks to our liberal values (so current), but really what it’s caused by isn’t the main point. Evidently, this amazing set of images... read more

Top 5 Largest Japanese Food Creations

As you can probably see, I have been in a sort of a writer’s block since August. Every writer gets it. But fear no more. List is back & it’s better than ever. This topic alone should prove to you that my hi-jinx of searching the net for the most visually impressive reporting is never over. It’s a gift and a curse. Well, it’s mainly just a gift… Back to the topic, as some... read more

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