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5 Hilarious Animals Resembling Stars

Combinations of interesting topics typically produce even stronger content. Take stars for example. Everyone likes stars. What else? Many people love animals. Henceforth, the article premise is made. What animals look like our most favorite people? Even though the idea seems simplistic, the content is promising. Selecting the funniest five side by side actors with wildlife can’t always be the... read more

7 Gnarliest Black & White Face Paints

Most of the best professional black and white face paintings lead back to one producer, Alexander Khokhlov. His work often contains current cultural references, double meanings, and plain first class artistry. There are probably not very many black and white face paint contests out there, so there is no definitive proof that Khokhlov is the best, but it certainly appears so. Over time, this artist is... read more

Top 7 American Movie Directors

It’s time for a serious list for a change. Let’s put our research goggles on and argue for the best modern directors in Hollywood. The current directorial talent. This article might be the unquestionable one truth, but the comment bar is open for any debate just in case. The following bunch have all┬áredefined┬ácinema in their own ways, they are responsible for molding the movie industry into... read more

5 Most Unbelievable Optical Illusions

Most people like to see things that appear magical. Although some are hundreds of years old, optical illusions have gotten very popular on the Internet. No need to wait in lines to see the magician, one can find and share many types of illusions without having to know any special tricks. The greatness of the Internet is also the ability to compare many different picture categories side by side, selecting... read more

Gangnam Style Examined

“Heeey sexy lady” is pretty much the only thing you will understand from the recent global sensation that ended up being the first video in the history of men to score a billion views on you-tube alone, according to the CBS news. I attribute the success of this video to a universal recognition of the underdog. It’s a funny thing to see a “dork” sensationalizing himself, but... read more

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