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7 Scariest Zombie Celebrities

Many in our society are fascinated with things like zombies and celebrities. They are both commonly perceived as not real. What other blog would do you the honor of combining the two fascinations, and let you decide if it’s any good. Maybe after a few million likes- the world will know that from this moment on, all stars must be turned into zombies for the good of the public. For now, it’s... read more

5 Most Hilarious Troll Rage Faces

Funniest online magazines like are represented by the ever smirking rage face. Whenever you see this meme drawing, know that a troll is lurking around & nobody is safe. If you aren’t familiar with the rage faces by now, it’s probable you might been living in a cave for the past year or so. Rage faces help the producers of the funny junk online to sort different... read more