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5 World’s Most Interesting Casinos

The concept of gambling isn’t anything new to you. It represents something to everyone. Whatever your impression of the “house of luck” – to you standing for huge gain, or loss; the thought of it in itself is something that’s part of our history, and the future. It’s a lucrative idea to be financially struggling one minute, then changing it completely for yourself by... read more

5 Most Wicked Halloween Costumes

The best thing about dressing up for the Halloween, is being able to reincarnate imagination, it’s that time when human clothing expression potential is unconditionally accepted. You may dress as a villain dictator, if you can pull it off, of course, as much as you are allowed to dress as a Marshmallow Man. There rules is that there are none, a fashion anarchy in a way. The image is set, but who are... read more

5 Scariest Women Of Crack Before & After

Crack-rock is a form of cocaine, cooked with other, often dangerous chemical substances to create more product out of less. It’s target are the  low-income addicts, as opposed to the cocaine market; Because of the cheaper price of crack. So at what cost do these addicts save money? Unfortunately, in very many cases, the cost is life. Cocaine isn’t at all any better alternative, that’s... read more

Top 5 Largest Japanese Food Creations

As you can probably see, I have been in a sort of a writer’s block since August. Every writer gets it. But fear no more. List is back & it’s better than ever. This topic alone should prove to you that my hi-jinx of searching the net for the most visually impressive reporting is never over. It’s a gift and a curse. Well, it’s mainly just a gift… Back to the topic, as some... read more

8 Great Cars For A Luxurious Lifestyle

Article by Amy. An original reader contribution.  Note from the editor: is a big fan of our readers being able to easily contribute ideas in our list style. Amy, whose full name isn’t disclosed for personal privacy, is on the front page of our website because of her passion for the great cars. She craftily assembled this list including the introduction, and a write-up for every single... read more

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