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7 Most Amazing Life Hacks

As the ultimate authority on everything visual, it’s my job to notice every trend first, then give you a great taste of the best from any world worth mentioning. Today ladies and gents we will be discussing the newly arrived craft of life hacks. What are these sophisticated sounding life hacks? In short, they have emerged out of the constant struggle to create the simplest of methods for dummies to... read more

Top 5 Extreme Before & After Makeup

Many people have adopted to finding ways of correcting visual imperfections. The most used product to change one’s appearance of skin is makeup. They come from many different blends, brands, and lands. Some even promise to correct superficialities while covering them up. The main goal of this article isn’t about finding the best brand, but revealing how much the identity of the masked can... read more

New Top 7 Scariest Faces Of Meth Before & After

It’s been a little over two years since I first wrote an article on this exact topic, while not much of what I’ve mentioned before changed in the way I see it. The reality behind the meaning of the one way street is still about the way people fade and crash by own will. The way organs fail through ingesting, what even most of the addicts themselves know to be poison. What’s that poison... read more

5 Weirdest Rooms

Everyone needs a place to call home, it’s one of the most common human needs. Because humans are all different, there are many types of structural styles & decorations to represent one’s unique individuality. Then, there are weird people. Let’s not think serial killer bad, but just weird enough to have a funny little secret, not a horrible one. Would you expect strange people to... read more

7 Amazing Child To Adult Pics

Since the recent climb of image altering & sharing applications available to the public, yours truly noticed a common trend of people trying to recreate their childhood photos. It’s most probably due to the kid nostalgia, which many people can relate to. The trend might be the result of such influence. Or it’s because some people don’t like the idea of growing up. Maybe the photos... read more

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