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7 Funniest Memes 2013

Modern Internet memes represent the digital folklore. One image spreads through the society at an incredible speed, & then, just as fast, fans find great ways to add to it; The improved versions then spread again – and so forth. Tales used to travel through the spoken word in a very similar pattern. That in ways is suggestive that we are back to telling tales, only go about it differently.... read more

7 Hot Women Making Ugliest Faces

When one is tasked with contributing to a blog, the writer often carries the burden of creating something that has the most general appeal to as many people as possible. In order to stand out & compete with an organized media, blogs are naturally expected to deliver more jolt per word, as they are rookies. Everything from choosing which order the articles are to be released, to what content deserves... read more

5 Craziest Dog Grooms

Some people obviously take dog grooming too far. If that wasn’t the case, this article wouldn’t exist. I’m sure the animal itself doesn’t mind if they look a bit bizarre, but nonetheless, crazy grooms are more about the lack of taste rather than an art form. All owners of the dogs featured in this article are free to disagree, while the mission is to let the people form an opinion... read more

World’s 5 Funniest Dogs

Despite of all our unique online tastes, most people like the Internet for things like the endless abundance of the funny, & or cute pet images. Since the available amount of these images can truly be described as a never ending abyss, the job to select a handful of the funniest isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sure, I had to go through countless galleries of adorable pet cornucopia, it was all for... read more

7 Scariest Zombie Celebrities

Many in our society are fascinated with things like zombies and celebrities. They are both commonly perceived as not real. What other blog would do you the honor of combining the two fascinations, and let you decide if it’s any good. Maybe after a few million likes- the world will know that from this moment on, all stars must be turned into zombies for the good of the public. For now, it’s... read more

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