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5 Most Hilarious Troll Rage Faces

Funniest online magazines like are represented by the ever smirking rage face. Whenever you see this meme drawing, know that a troll is lurking around & nobody is safe. If you aren’t familiar with the rage faces by now, it’s probable you might been living in a cave for the past year or so. Rage faces help the producers of the funny junk online to sort different... read more

The Top 5 Strangest Dresses

Clothing was invented to cover up the parts of human shame, nonetheless, some can be even more shameful than what they cover. Humans perhaps dress for attention, to emphasize the best features of the body, the form, possibly even as mating tools & for the individualistic expression. Just as all the prior are great reasons to dress classy, some people use fashion for considerably idiotic reasons. The... read more

7 Greatest Trolls 2013

Since the creation of this blog a few years ago, all of our trolling needs have been powered by the best online troll engine at Besides the fact that they are the first troll blog, it also happens to have the largest cataloged selection of the best pranks from around the Internet. Now, what is trolling? Trolls intimidate sensitive people online through the use of inane arguments,... read more

The 5 Most Funniest Bumper Stickers

Communication is often better delivered in an anecdotal style. Especially the things you want known by those who travel at high speeds around you, who also travels at high speeds. There are many intended uses for this roadie way of contact: some like it to express their opinions, some use them as intimidation tools, expressing individuality, and then, for some, there is no better traffic time... read more

5 Ugliest Men On The Planet

It’s not right to stare. Yet we all do it at times. How can a writer justify a visual list of the most anaphrodisiac males in the world? What journalistic value does a list like that have? Seemingly not much, while playing devil’s advocate, if the clear record of the humanity isn’t presented by the media to the people, then there is a sense of loss of integrity either way. Presenting, or... read more

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