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5 Most Amazing Futuristic Aircrafts

Human fascination with flight will never die down. As long as there are feathered vertebrates for kids to want to imitate, the aircraft industry is destined for an infinity. But as many other things, only the fastest and the best will outlast the weaker of it’s own kind. The following list looks at some of the most amazing prototypes posted around the vast corners of the Internet today. Pick your... read more

Top 5 Most Scariest Cocoons

In the cluster of things that most find very unappealing, some things find comfort and birth. Not that there are many cute cocoons, this list is designed to show you the creepiest instances. As with many things, just because something is unappealing, doesn’t mean that it’s bad and can’t serve a good purpose, as with the first item in the list, which is actually known to be combined with... read more

The Most Popular Article In The World

This article was judged collectively by all modern article rating systems (i.e.: reddit, digg, stumble upon, etc…) to have the most totality of hits. Facebook submissions, twitter levels by server, hi5, 2nd life insertions, and the most times discussed article by the mainstream news. The research study went as far as recording the public verbal mentions, essentially collected through their graphics... read more

Top 5 Incredible Science Experiment Videos

Some people believe that youtube was invented for mostly just watching amazing science experiments, without having to personally deal with all those complex chemicals and rules. Let the geeks show off their Harry Potter smarts, while putting on a great show for the masses, it’s a win-win for all. ListSalad wanted to make a great collection of the experiments that go beyond mixing Diet Coke with... read more

Extreme 5 Incredibly Weirdest Deaths

Every living being is only guaranteed two things, life and death. Death is an ugly part of life that consumes the ones we love, and eventually every single one of us. When thinking about dying, most people wish to go quietly, preferably in their sleep, without pain and warning. That however, is not guaranteed. Throughout time, very strange and bizarre fatal incidents have been recorded (For example, in... read more

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