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Top 5 US Wireless Providers

Putting together an article comparing consumer products & services requires a certain amount of scientific approach. But at the core of any article is a grain of perception. Perception leads to comments that aren’t always facts, but are more like details of personal experience. Given good taste, those insights can educate as well as facts, at appropriate times. Personally, through the years,... read more

5 Most Promising Xbox One Games

It’s hard to judge titles that haven’t been released yet. Following the same logic, it’s even harder to judge the unreleased games for also a yet to be released system. These are the hardships of picking winners. I truly believe that one can judge something he, or she is deeply interested in. I’m not the type of a person who is easily interested in very many things. Truth is, I... read more

5 Best Online Infographics

This list is a request from one of my readers, Stephanie G. I dedicate this article to her. Stephanie has been vocal about the need of a list of the best info-graphics, on the subject of the Internet. Not only did she suggest this great article idea, she also found me two great inclusions. For many months I have promised this reader an article on her interest, and as the time passed, I found myself not... read more

5 Amazing Xbox 720 Concepts

We are days away from one of the biggest industrial unveilings in the world. Microsoft once again bets big to control the video game market. Very soon, in the early business hours of May 21st, 2013; we will know what technological standards will shape the direction of game development. As the only marginal American company in the console hardware/software industry, Microsoft will have to deliver for the... read more

8 Funniest iPhone Texts

Mature Content: Adults 18+ Only One of the current trends spreading across the internet are the screen shots of many embarrassing, funny, and, or radical text messages. Since the iPhone is trendy, it’s no surprise that the messages are posted in Iphone SMS application form. However, the most interesting point with these is that they are mostly fake. Why? Well, because iPhone auto correct will not... read more

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