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Best Of The Original Chicago Auto Show

As part of List Salad original reporting, we were able to capture the best of this year’s car enthusiast’s liquid-dream – during the Chicago showing at the McCormick Place. This website usually comments on existing photography from around the Internet, while as all good things, we must strive to also create our own share of I-goodness, henceforth, we present you this following list that... read more

Top SOPA and PIPA Blackouts

It’s very rare when the majority of the competing online companies come together to push political agendas onto their user base. Today’s internet-wide blackouts prove that internet isn’t that much segregated. When it’s time to pull together, people always find the common denominator. In this case, the denominator happened to come in the form of two Congress bills (SOPA and PIPA)... read more

7 Most Imaginative Game Console Concepts

As the technological pendulum swings to smaller and mobile devices, the gaming consoles are most likely to follow. It’s not a far fetched idea to expect the similar and better type of signals that Xbox 360 and PS3 currently emit, of eventually having a mobile host. Respectively, this list is represented by the mobile concepts in majority. However, that’s not to say that our HD 3D Plasma gaming... read more

5 Best Levels Of The Game

At the very scarce reaches of the internet, lays a genius flash game. The game is called simply: the game. The rules to this game are clear and easy – there are no rules. Playing through experimentation the gamer quickly learns that the game is a lot more than just that. Same as with The Matrix, nobody can tell you exactly what the game is, you can only experience it for yourself. Click to play the... read more

Top 5 Most Interesting Concept Cars

It’s hard to imagine the future, without wondering about the cars. Futurists, engineers and designers are always hard at work creating the drafts of the mobile future. All the cars that we see on the street today started out as sole concepts, just like the following. Enjoy the car show, without leaving your home. This list commemorates five of the most interesting designs gathered. Please feel free... read more

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