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Major 5 Incredible Digital Cubes

Cubical shapes are naturally very familiar to any modern human. Whilst most of today’s digital products are too slim to fit the cube model. We want slim devices in pockets, not the big squares on our laps. Despite that almost universal realization of the electronic industry, many have tried to make the cube fit. Maybe not now, but in the future progress of technology, people will surely make... read more

5 Most Amazing Futuristic Vehicles

We live in a very interesting future. Now, every second of our lives brings us deeper into the digital era. Each passing second constantly quantifies the rate of progress, becoming faster, each more than the second before it. There are endless possibilities for the world outcome, especially due to the technological age. Nano science alone promises  an immense transformation of life for all human beings on... read more

Extreme Apple vs Android Humor

Manufacturers would have it pretty easy if everyone would like the same stuff. Unfortunately for them, we are all unique individuals, and we bite into different styles. Today’s topic is an epic war of the two top smartphone brands. Presented humorously. So fire up your Safari, or Chrome, and enjoy some of this competitive¬†humor. This post represents what American industry is all about –... read more

10 Best 2013 New Year Cards

It was hardly an eye blink between posting this same category for the new 2012. Yet so much has happened since then, good & bad, while that direction is for a whole other post. Better aspirations create better futures. The new is upon us, and even though new is a relative term, the party for the New Year has to be started right. There are four days left to another milestone in human history, a future... read more

Comics On The 3 Wildest Photoshops

Photoshop paved a path for regular people to create unreal things. When it comes to creativity, nowadays it’s everywhere and in many different forms. That makes my job that much harder and most exciting, especially when I can successfully identify the best from all over the Internet. Also, the comic commentary is slowly becoming my trend on this blog. Feel free to comment and let me know what you... read more

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