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Most Beautiful & Deadly Cold-Blooded Killers

Just in time for the next Hallmark holiday, it’s time to face the dark half of the only two universal things. If you guessed death, you’re with me, but if you didn’t guess anything, or guessed wrong, well, you’re with me too. Let’s talk about the fascinating re-occurrence of friendly-looking, yet deadly creatures. They exist, & shouldn’t be petted. I think the... read more

Top 10 Most Amazing Aerial Views

One of the best perks of digital reporting is the ability to change the way people look at the world around them. Almost every Internet surfer has surely come across some incredible photos of the earth from the top. However, with this article, my goal is to introduce you to a group of the best of these images, so that you can see the gravity of the given topic. Sometimes the best way to present something... read more

Best Of Russian Meteor 2013

As many of your remember February 15th, 2013, when Russian Ural region & it’s major city of Chelyabinsk was struck hard by a large meteor. The residual effects of this incident, like the broken glass by explosions, meteor shards & sound created a disaster for many residents. Dashboards cameras, cellphone video taping, and other devices captured different views of the unbelievable galactic... read more

Top 5 Photos Of World’s Scariest Bunny

Hold the printers. I was in the middle of an average list about the IQ statuses of famous people when I heard the most unusual story about a bunny named Ralph. As with many things we talk about here, some stuff is better left to the photo section of the article. Today Ralph is known as the world’s largest bunny. According to the Huffington Post headline, this creature weighs 55 lbs, & eats about... read more

6 Incredible Thawing Snowflakes

The spring is here, it’s time for some serious thawing. These aren’t your average pictures of snowflakes. All of these belong to a whole new class, in which each flake is captured in the moments of it’s actual thawing – with special, high magnification capable HD camera. These are like nothing ever seen prior. According to the source, an article called “Ethereal Macro Photos... read more

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