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5 Scariest End Of The World Visions 2.0

This list contains violence, it’s presented for ages 15+ only. Another prediction for the end of time has come and gone. Even as bright of a civilization as the Mayans can be wrong. This is the 2nd list on the topic, the first one was posted at the time of the last end of world hype coming to an end. These horrifying images are presented as a warning to all the humans, a reminder that nothing lasts... read more

The 5 Most Astounding Dreamscapes

Dreamscapes are the out of this world visions of all sorts of alternate realities. They can be haunting, sad, mystifying, mesmerizing, happy, and are always imaginative. The very best ones in the world have made this list and are up for your inspection. With more people using Photoshop everyday, these have gotten progressively better. So let’s give the best another chance to go viral. Happy reading.... read more

The Best Panoramic Pics On The Net

By definition, panoramic images are those that pertain to being photographed by a special camera – designed to wider the scope of the photograph. Simply put, these photographs are much longer than the usual square photo. This class of images definitely deserves a list, as the internet offers panorama in wide variety. From the most feeble of attempts, to the incredible art that makes up this top 5.... read more

The Most Mesmerizing July 4th Pics

America celebrates it’s birthday, and the spirit of independence is all around us. Patriotic pictures make for great lists, and hopefully we won’t disappoint you. Pick and comment on your favorites, and voice your choice using our comment section on the bottom of the page. And if the whole page happens to be your favorite, well then it would be great to have you represent using the social... read more

TODAY! $10,000 To Every U.S. Citizen For Fingerprint! – American Citizen Enrichment Day Act

Our Washington D.C. reporter Patrick Klein frantically called our main offices half-hour ago, with the promise of “Dire Emergency News”. D.E.N. is the highest priority we assign an article, equivalent to war breakout news, and disasters. It being Saturday, the answering service took in about 42 calls. 3/31 11:32PM Central US, half-hour later, editor Ed Ronn checked the voice-mail system, and... read more

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