5 Best Movies About Time Travel

Tired of the suggestion lists that feature The Hot Tub Time Machine as one of the best time travel titles? This is a more meaningful profile of the top five titles that simply dominate the category. Speaking of the category, contrary to the popular belief, there aren’t very many movies made on the subject of time travel, as the primary premise. Many critics expanded their lists, ultimately including titles such as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Peggy Sue Got Married, and Timecrimes (Los Cronocrimenes); Something that List Salad refuses to do as those might not be necessarily bad titles, but have absolutely nothing to do with the best of the time travel in the history of cinema.

#5 The Special Effect

This movie creatively relays the power of cause and effect to the modern and younger audiences. It’s meant to raise important philosophical questions and encourages critical thought.

The Butterfly Effect



#4 All Is Wells

No list is complete without the most recent translation of the H. G. Wells’ epic. Unlike the critics who would rather list the 1960’s version, here, there is no comparison to watching the moon fall apart in it’s glorious CGI. Admittedly, this visual epic might lack a deep plot, while to some, it’s pretty clear that’s it’s supposed to, as the movie is based on a 110 year classic, with a story that the majority of the population knows. This is the action-adventure, graphically driven translation of the best literary novel on the subject of time travel.

The Time Machine



#3 Mind Travels

This is a more humanistic look at the possibility of time travel. This movie tries to educate it’s audience that a person’s psyche can be both a cell and a portal.

The Jacket Movie



#2 Prime Time

This title proves that the Sundance can easily go head to head with Hollywood. The premise of this instant classic is what would actually happen, if a time traveling machine was discovered. Like the majority of titles on this subject, it functions as a cautionary tale for the entire humanity.

Primer The Movie



# 1 The Monkeys Did It

By far, the most superior movie in the time travel category. Feature combines the most elaborate story, with the award winning direction and cast to relay one of the best thrillers in the history of cinema. This is the true never ending story for the adults. Each time somebody looks at this movie, they see it differently, because they are different…

12 Monkeys Cover

Twelve Monkeys


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