5 Amazingly Hilarious Facebook Trolls

Let your eyes feast upon the greatest mix of facebook trolls known to man. Quadruple laughing endorphins back guarantee. The best way to approach the two latest internet crazes (facebook and trolling), is to combine them into one list of the most elaborate troll power exercised on the facebook. All borrowed from the internet troll authority HELP FEED THE TROLL. Whoever said you shouldn’t feed them?

#5 Or is this a case of selective memory?

Problem here is that he owed me twenty dollars, also removed from his friends list were the Gothic clique, group called “science is the devil, religion cures all the illness”, and the two guys who always mispronounced his first name.

#4 Was it love, or something else?

Or unless it was a shark attack followed by a bear attack on land, and you got away with all your limbs; Only then you better be laughing instead of smiling.

#3 Finally there’s an answer to whether the vampires actually suck or blow.

Preference of suicide over hours of reading about vampires exchanging cooties resonated with the majority of men, launching this troll viral.

#2 Massive Troll.

Funny facebook troll

Never such a large internet community collectively formed to make this kind of funny.

#1 UnBeLandable.

Funny Facebook Troll 5

Million points for using their own information to raise the petrification level to coma. It doesn’t get more troll than this.

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    number 2 though. lol


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