5 Funniest Star Caricatures

Funny lists combine separate pieces of the Internet comedy into a real act. Across America we consider many people stars, and almost every one of them has a caricature floating around the web. Here, you are presented with the top five, so you can get right to the good stuff. This simple idea to classify things into groups of the best picks isn’t mine, in fact, very many people naturally enjoy organizing things into neat compartments. I’m not talking about how clean your room is, these things I mentioned are not physical. I’m speaking of memories, thoughts, knowledge, and of course, the list of the best five caricatures of celebrities. Retraction, celebrities are physical; I hope, but you get my point. Enjoy the read.

#5 Meet Muscle

This is muscle personified. Don’t be afraid, he doesn’t have a rocky temper. Ignore the ketchup on the neck and shirt. Come closer now. Click image to view in Full-Screen.

Meet Muscle


#4 Adam’s An Apple

Although this isn’t a caricature in the cartoonish sense, it can be argued that this is a new, photoshop-induced, new-age caricature. Although this image doesn’t prove a thing, it’s pure hilarious.

Adam Is An Apple



#3 Cruise Control

For some odd reason, this smile makes me want to punch this character in the face. Something I have never even remotely considered. It must be funny. Click image to view in Full-Screen.

Cruise Control




#2 Chernobyl Born & Raised

If there is a funny Will, there is a way. This kind of a thing would probably happen if he did Mars Attacks instead of the Independence Day. Click image to view in Full-Screen.

Chernobyl Born & Raised



#1 Defaced

No wonder nobody suspected he was a cop, there is no bulletproof vest large enough for his entire forehead. Click image to view in Full-Screen.



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  1. Jackie says:

    Leonardo, will you marry me? Please with cherry on top.

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