5 Most Controversial TV Shows

Productions that push the envelope get rewarded because they deliver something not yet seen. How far is too far constantly gets redefined, as what was racy a few years ago, now is the current norm. What would the 1950s American audience think of a TV show that sympathizes with a serial killer, when in their era it was illegal to show married couples share the same bed. The following five shows have helped to imprint the outlook of the controversial TV image, each in their respectively (or not) unique way.

#5 Daytime Brawl – Jerry Springer

The man who showed us that America can be privy to the physical fights of scorned lovers, over the most intimate of the affairs. The show which the airing station refuses to claim as their own. The opposition that pickets outside of the production studio daily.

Jerry Springer




#4 Color Of Colorado – South Park

The first weekly show to ever carry a TV-MA rating is the best politically incorrect show on television.

South Park



#3 The Deadbeat Father Of Skit Comedy – Turn-On

1969 Turn-on is worthy of this inclusion as it’s the only American TV show to be cancelled before the first episode was done airing. One ABC affiliate didn’t air the show at all, while another didn’t return to it after the first commercial break.




#2 Story Of A Broken Man – Breaking Bad

It’s not easy to glamorize the antics of an independent meth producer/high-school teacher , and have the mature far right-wingers follow with Emmies. The long awaited fourth season is set to start this summer.

Breaking Bad




#1 Cutting Competition –┬áDexter

Dexter is both the wisest show, and is the most controversial. It’s hard to get any audience to sympathize with a serial killer.




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