5 Most Unbelievable Optical Illusions

Most people like to see things that appear magical. Although some are hundreds of years old, optical illusions have gotten very popular on the Internet. No need to wait in lines to see the magician, one can find and share many types of illusions without having to know any special tricks. The greatness of the Internet is also the ability to compare many different picture categories side by side, selecting only the best of the bunch. This post takes on just that. Abracadabra!

#5 Spinning You

The wheel is not actually moving. Instead of going into detailed explanations, my only suggestion is to listen to Windmills Of Your Mind by Noel Harrison while looking at this picture. It’s great.

Spinning Wheel



#4 The Poster Child

This is an online adaptation of a classic illusion that has been a popular wall poster hit across most college campuses. Stating the obvious, there are actually no blinking black dots in this image. It’s all in your head man.

The Poster Child



#3 Seenk

This trick scales the ranks because it’s an actual photograph. So is it the eye that you see?





Always try to look closer. Looks like a sink to me. Don’t worry, if I didn’t fall for it first, it wouldn’t be here.

Seenk 2


#2 Cat Tricks

This one requires some directions. Watch as the cat turns about 5 times. After that, you should be able to turn the direction in which the cat is turning by using your mind. It takes less than a minute of practice, then you should be able to switch the rotation of the cat on every turn. Give it a try. This kind of an illusion could have only been conceived and enjoyed through the use of computers.

Cat Tricks


#1 The Foam

This is the greatest street art illusion. Everything except for the beer mug is real. The lady is sitting in the distance, on the drawn foam that’s stretched out to the back of the street. Aaah. That gives out an illusion of her being tiny on top of a huge mug, sitting next to a giant. The presumed artist appears bigger because he is close to the camera.

The Foam


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