5 World’s Most Interesting Casinos

The concept of gambling isn’t anything new to you. It represents something to everyone. Whatever your impression of the “house of luck” – to you standing for huge gain, or loss; the thought of it in itself is something that’s part of our history, and the future. It’s a lucrative idea to be financially struggling one minute, then changing it completely for yourself by something very simple as a roll of dice. The dice we threw many times before as kids without ever imagining the impact it would have on the future. Would you try to roll the dice more often if you thought it would come in handy later? To some others, gambling can represent ultimate addiction, and loss (look for phone number for help under this introduction) Whenever you get the goosebumps thinking about the riches with no hitches, the past and present of gambling must be reported on to preserve our human history. This article is the aim for that attempt. Included is the top mix of human gambling past & present – in one place. Enjoy your read!

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#5 The Beautiful Monte Carlo

People want to associate class with wealth. While the crossroads of the two is something as this incredible establishment. Take in consideration this Beaux-Arts architecture, Napoleon III style. This casino is located in Monaco, and opened it’s doors in 1863. Proving that the act of putting the money on the line is a very old concept. Much older even than the Monte Carlo Casino of Monaco itself.

#4 Tribal Gambling

Tribal gambling is a very exciting form of playing as it commemorates the Las Vegas alternative in the United States. Not all profits can go to one place by the monopoly clause, so it’s only fair that the true American Indians have a fair share of the pie. The following picture perfectly demonstrates the elegance of the Tribal style in the WinStar Casino owned by the awesome folks of the Chickasaw Nation.

#3 Typical Vegas

The Las Vegas has always been, and will continue to be the epicenter of all gambling. People come from all parts of the world for a chance to spend some money on the “Lady Luck”. It’s only in Vegas that the Lady Luck can exist, metaphorically speaking, if she exists at all. This is a perfect example of such a glam place in this Wynn Casino. A true representation of Las Vegas:



#2 The Bizzare likes to give top places to the pushers of new concepts, to the innovators, and visionaries. This place might not be your typical gambling establishment, but that’s what recording all parts of the present is all about. It’s not concentrating on one thing. Vegas isn’t the only place to gamble. Take this cozy place that’s actually a basement! The North Cadbury Casino located on the North Cadbury Court property – a hotel of sorts.



#1 The Internet

The Internet is known to take the lower house odds out of playing for the same great amounts of cash. They make your odds much better. How? They save on the overhead like the huge spaces for machines, and the real machine upkeep, for example. That gives an incredible advantage of both saving money over the times the house wins, & not waiting in traffic, spending toll, parking – all for a chance at luck. Take our great online gambling friend, for example: NetBet’s Casino Portal – they are truly a revolutionary service that takes the hassle out of betting on the favorite games you already know and love. They are a perfect example of the good side of the online gaming today, with the state-of-the-art technology to back up my trust of their service. Their digital recreation of the gaming machines is unparalleled in the industry. Also, I believe that the first place deserves to go to a portal that not only plays, but also pays. The fact that their company expressed direct interest in financially supporting society’s best used Internet Technologies like Google, MSN, FaceBook and Yahoo – enriched the trust in their product, their stable financial resources. and my decision to give them the first place. (sponsored opinions included).

symbolic image of the casino

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