5 Worst Clothing Styles

Clothing style translates personality into physical realm. For many, dress sense speaks of how they feel inside and how they want others to understand them. Unfortunately, this translation doesn’t always come out successfully for some, some don’t care how it translates, and some want it to be seen in an abnormal light. This list was created to capture the funny side of style, so feast your eyes upon some of the weirdest dressed creatures.

#5 Spine Stamp

Baring skin is acceptable for a lady, however, if it’s not done with taste, then that image can land in a place like this list. To her defense, it takes some backbone to show some backbone. Backbone Lady


#4 Skating Leopard

Sacha Baron Cohen has pushed his style to the limit from Borat, to Bruno; This is his all-time worst, which makes this an amazing compliment to him.

Sacha Baron Cohen


#3 Dressed like a monkey

If this monkey could talk, it would tell us how sad she is that she has to sport this outfit.

Dressed Monkey


#2 Have To Be High

Just because they are high off the ground, doesn’t mean they can see the style sense any better.

Tall Clowns


#1 Here-O

Our world desperately needs heroes. However, this one evidently just gave up, which landed him on the street and to the top of our list.

Fallen Hero


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