9 Funniest Public TrustoCorp Postings

TrustoCorp is a New-York based artist studio that specializes in posting surreal public signs across major cities, stocking socially commentary products on the supermarket shelves, and such. Their work is so ingenious, it seems it’s not long before this studio will tailor an entire background decor to some major motion production. As a matter of fact, they have already hosted an LA exhibition. Please enjoy the following perfect taste of the live socially charged humor.

#9 Street Witch

It’s about time somebody spoke up for the hard working and constantly angry street vandals.

Street Witch



#8 Watch Out Burnout

This block had a group lottery win and the kids haven’t really found themselves yet.

Burnout Oust



#7 Dark Monopoly

Unfortunately, this message is about right.

Dark Monopoly



#6 Monkey Don’t See

The truly dirty joke is no longer limited to a newspaper.

Monkey Don't See



#5 Claimed Land

It’s so cute when a human marks his territory using a street pole.

Marked Territory



#4 Pay The Cool Meter

Who here thinks it’s a valid assumption?

Pay The Cool Meter



#3 Watch Departed

This really happens every day.

Watch Departed



#2 God Watch

Witness the perfect union of church and state.

God Watch



#1  Counter Popular Insight

Best of the best. This image is a perfect example of a flaw in any logic.

Counter Popular Insight



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