7 Most Sarcastic Summer Blockbuster Titles

The summer is over, but what it brought will remain either honorably, infamously, or float as a leaf in the Hollywood history. Internet nowadays giving power to so many graphic designers, and companies that want to produce good content, in my sole opinion, all thanks to our liberal values (so current), but really what it’s caused by isn’t the main point. Evidently, this amazing set of images is a production of the hilarious, they asked their readers to come up with these, more honest titles. Human mind collaboration at it’s finest. Pleated also did a story on it, that resolves the origin mystery. It’s watermarked on every photo.  The main point however, is that the humanity is able to push out content that supersedes that of some of the giant pusher medias, like the television. So, internet, amazing as it is, makes it worth it for a small image reporter to give you a taste of every little visually interesting particle, such as this one. Visit some of the sources to find over three tens of more great parodies. Have a wonderful read.


#7 Furious Testosterone

Guys are socially engineered to identify more with this movie, than let’s say twilight. It’s not a secret. Is there a single possible question this poster parody shouldn’t exist? Crickets. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Furious Testosterone




#6 Family Is First

I know there are some very good precedents of nepotism being a bad financial model, but in today’s society, it should also align with proof of the negative. Family is the only one thing that’s reinforced as universally first in priority, so unless his son was a horrible kid actor, the allegation isn’t completely sold in my opinion. There is some truth to it, it’s funny, and satiric. So it deserves an inclusion for presentation. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Family Is First




#5 Duper Man

Let’s see what Batman fans think of The Superman:

Duper Man



#4 Whose Your Country?

🙂 Hahaha. So funny, because it’s so true. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Whose Your Country?




#3 It’s Like That Other Thing

One of the best posters ever.

It's Like That Other Thing



#2 Message In a Blu-ray?

Can this really be the message of the movie. I personally haven’t seen this one, but some of you have. Please comment on what you think the really message of this multimillion dollar cartoon is. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Message In a Blu-ray?



#1 Please Don’t Sue Me

On the record. I have nothing with the religion of Scientology, or any other religion. I actually think their futuristic, Phillip K. Dick approach to life is interesting. At least in the eyes of an observer. This poster isn’t posted to make fun of Scientology, and is just the Internet folkloric humor of a movie based on the futuristic science phenomena.

Please Don't Sue Me


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