8 Funniest Cartoon Characters In Real Life

Nowadays, adult TV cartoons can’t really be popular without at least a few branched-out cult followings among the public. There is no better way to tell your favorite series “I love you”, than imitation and mockery. How else can the production team possibly know they are doing a good job than having people see their characters in other people? Besides Nielsen, and such things, of course… This list forever commemorates the top eight cartoon character mockeries to date. Internet reporting at it’s best, I had to consider thousands of options, turn down the majority, and select only a small handful of the best instances floating around vast corners of the web. As always, this list is the top, unquestionable authority on what is considered the best. Any other combination is a complete fraud. Of course, you can always suggest a change for this article. To do that, please create a document file stating your concern, save it as (icomplaintoomuch.doc), then move it directly into your Recycle Bin in Windows, or Trash in IOS ;). Have a great read!


#8 Touching Peter

Only the top Peter is worthy of insertion into the winners’ place. This famous yearbook photo is right on the money. Word has it, the real name of the person in the photo is Justin Blair Spaeth.

Touching Peter


#7 Book Of Moron

If not for Cartman, the narcissistic, over-weight, Nazi sympathizers wouldn’t have a role to model. Let this stand proof to Matt Stone & Trey Parker, the book of Cartman is never closed. By the way, where do you think he is going? Well, home, but of course.

Book Of Cartman



#6 Pervert Herbert

You know that very mentally sick, elderly individual on Family Guy with a really strange voice? Well, the news is he was found in real life. Judge for yourself:

Pervert Herbert



#5 Beavis Does…

Beavis doesn’t do proactiv and has rosacea:

Beavis Does...


Beavis does too much acid & melts his brain:

Beavis Does Acid


#4 Moe Realistic

Since I have already done an article on this exact topic, but only with The Simpsons characters, I can vouch that this is one of the best recreations of all time. Click image to view in Full-Size HD.

Moe Realistic


#3 Chris Is This

I din’t realize how fast Chris Griffin is aging.

Chris Is This



#2 Papa’s Family

Photos of sexy ladies like that make me want to see these animated series branch out to live action… How come Roger is just pretending to be an alien here? Click image to view in Full-Size HD.

Papa's Family


It’s a tie for the same place between the papa himself. I can’t tell which parts of him are real. Click image to view in Full-Size HD.



#1 Fear On The Bus

Tim Burton’s favorite darkest role actor is now the best re-creator of America’s favorite bus-driver/junkie. Depp has depth. Click image to view in Full-Screen HD.

Fear On The Bus


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