Gangnam Style Examined

“Heeey sexy lady” is pretty much the only thing you will understand from the recent global sensation that ended up being the first video in the history of men to score a billion views on you-tube alone, according to the CBS news. I attribute the success of this video to a universal recognition of the underdog. It’s a funny thing to see a “dork” sensationalizing himself, but the treat doesn’t end just there- laughing at his own flaws, PSY is able to turn the public opinion of him to the equivalency of a modern day sex symbol. All via one video. This funny, bizarre, parodistic, spoofy dance called Gangnam Style. If one believes it, then he can do it. PSY definitely believes he is a sensationally popular gangsta. It looks like at least 1/6 of the planet is with him on that one. This post will examine the top five images related to this new video, enjoy the goodies.

First off, you can’t possibly understand this hype without seeing the video first. If you haven’t yet, don’t be shy- chances are you’re the only one in your family who still hasn’t seen it. That’s Gangnam Style by artist PSY(Click play to watch):

#5 Learn The Moves

First thing first, in order for one to enjoy this dance to the fullest, they could use an easy graphic that teaches this dance in 5 tiny steps. Don’t you want to learn for that sexy lady in your life? Click image to view in Full-HD.

Learning To Hop


#4 One For The Haters

Maybe not everyone is on board with this sensation, there must be flash mobs of teenage hormones eager to riot & pillage cities for some Gangnam action.

One For The Haters


#3 Public Relations

Sharing connection with a large segment of the world comes with it’s own set of responsibilities. People who work for the world like to see international sensations succeed. This image reveals PSY showing off his dance moves to a UN secretary-general, as according to the image source. Come to think of it, UN represents the world, and so does PSY, and here they are playing together as friends.

Public Relations


#2 The Parody

Any good informational post should include a spicy touch of parody. After all, the best form of flattery is imitation.



#1 Land, Air & Sea

It’s a wise move for a hit wonder to seek friends within the streets of the world’s second largest entertainment producer, Hollywood. I’m sure he hit up the first largest one too, Bollywood. Hugh Jackman (visibly enjoying himself to gangnam) can be a powerful ally. If the Internet is the sea, UN is the land, & Hollywood is air.

Land, Air & Sea


Click image to view in Full-HD.

Land, Air & Sea 2


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