Hottest Trending Women Celebrities

Internet keeps changing at an incredible pace. Just five years ago, it would be very hard to produce an article on the most watched celebrity photographs of the day. Today, society equipped modern writers with many amazing tools to determine and broadcast such lists of the recently most watched people online. Not only do we know who is trending, in what order, but also which photographs are being viewed in that particular trend. This article is a must, and we hope to keep you updated with more articles like this one. Please share.

#5 The Cool Girl

Chart topping, new Fox sitcom aside, Zooey is an elegant smart with beauty combination in one exquisite package. Adding the coolest name ever (Deschanel) to the perfection of brains & beauty, produce a triple threat winner. The perfect spokesperson for our galaxy. Click image to view in True HD.

The Cool Girl


#4 The Overextending Trend

Some things are bound to trend forever. Such is the case with the gorgeous Rihanna. This photo is being viewed by millions of people tonight. And another photo of her will be trending by millions of fans ten years from now. Legends are bound for an everlasting glory.




#3 Not Tom’s Cat

Hugely trending today not only due to her giant celebrity status, but also because of the current personal life issues. Katie Holmes is reported by TMZ at defending her daughter against the wishes of her estranged, soon to be ex-husband (Tom Cruise) to involve their child with a controversial religious sect. Reportedly, actor Tom Cruise wishes to send their daughter on a religious water-ship cruise that can last a year. Katie is no dice, and the eyes of the nation are on her tonight. This is one of the most watched photos of her as of right now. Click image to view it in True HD.

Katie Holmes


#2 Out Of Control News

Remember, has no control over what photos the nation is watching tonight. The main Kardashian is bombing computer screens at the speed of an amazing booty. So now that we know what’s going on, maybe the photo itself can provide some information into why. Click on the photo to view it in True HD.



#1 The Democratic First

According to the Yahoo Image Trends, actress Vanessa Lachey is the number one trending American celebrity tonight. Male and female groups combined, make her the top viewed person in the nation. What can I say, our society has a great taste. And we broadcast our taste proudly. This image is spot on, she is adorable. Click image to view it in True HD.

Vanessa Lachey


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  1. HFtT says:

    For your next list, you should do funniest Nicholas Cage photoshops! I just found this one of him as a baby:

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      I looked into this photo, it does seem manipulated, but it’s the real baby Cage pic. From fat-ass to bad-ass.

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