The 5 Most Creative Jordan Posters

Michael Jordan is the ultimate “want to be, but never will be” persona in the recent American history. I think that if Michael Jordan was to run for President, he could win against almost anyone in our society.  It’s possible that a small part of the reason Obama was chosen, was because he shares some of the similar physical characteristics with Michael Jordan. In any event, we all really do want to be like Mike, and it wouldn’t be fair to not have a good-looking list dedicated to the man of our aspirations. If you like our posts, consider subscribing to us on rss, facebook, or twitter.

 #5 The Human Dunk

This one is maybe a little bit too creative, if there is such a thing. Click on the photo to view this poster in full-HD.

The Human Dunk


#4 CGI Not Needed

It’s amazing to see a man who can be the ultimate physical hero, in real-time, without the use of any of special effects. Even Jackie Chan, as close as he is to being our idol, isn’t as powerful as MJ. Hopefully this poster can collaborate that hypothesis. Click on the poster to view it in full-HD.

CGI Not Needed


#3 The Illuminated

Who doesn’t like to see their hero illuminated through art. According to the source, these posters are the work of the artist Shepard Fairey.

The Scenic Route



The Illuminated



#2 The Air-Jordan Story

This is one of the most popular posters of Michael Jordan. It is commonly found on the college-dorm walls and office walls alike. As you can tell for yourself, it features Mike’s time-frame to the ultimate stardom. Click on the poster to view it in full-HD.

 The Air-Jordan Story


#1 No Contest Best

The mastery of this poster should be self-explainable to why this one is number one. Click on the poster to view it in full-HD.

No Contest Best


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