The 7 Shockingly Funniest Celebrity X-Rays

Audiences have always speculated about the overall makeup of their star idols, “How are they really on the inside?” is a very popular question. These sort of pictures are a one great solution to such kinds of speculation and questions. At the same time, this collection is also a class of contemporary art involving the kings and the queens of the American gossip. Please feel free to comment on your favorite stars and starlets, and suggest something new by using our social commenting feature on the bottom of the page.

#7 Al’s Gore

A cool looking image of Al Gore’ crab problem. It’s possible they’re both conjoined brothers, that would actually explain a lot of things. On the other hand, the X-Ray might have been doctored, he should be all robot on the inside, programmed to hunt down the ManBearPig.

Al Gore X-Ray



#6 Too Soon?

The man have always said himself that he is like a child on the inside.

Michael Jackson



#5 Pam’s Sexist Post

Pam is such a sexist broad. Someone who made her name on being a worldwide sex symbol, a walking Barbie that beat  Paris to the dirty camcorder fame, how dare does she release the following sexist image, which we gladly use for own purposes.

Pamela Spalding Ad



Pamela X Ray


#4 Lower Grade CPU

Reeves is a good hearted Hollywood ex-stoner, for that he gets his roast dues, like the following picture. Robot Reeves runs on a single 1971, Intel 4004 microprocessor.

Keanu Reeves Troll



#3 Green Day In A Natural Way

So what Billie Joe Armstrong forgets he’s not naked at times.

Billie Joe Armstrong



#2 Homa Sapien

Homer is an easy going, self-proclaimed straight shooter. He says it how he sees it, and he doesn’t get his comeuppance. Probably the most famous of the bunch, wants to warn you that the following image is racist, and that he maybe forced to fight the spreading of this picture with the help of the bullies from Bart’s schoolyard, especially the big bald one, and his son.

Homer's Brain



#1 Danny Boy

I’m not completely sure, but that looks like a pair of panties stuck pretty far up. He’s probably just doing research for the role.

Danny Devito X Ray


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