Top 5 Biggest Movie Explosions

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This article contains action movie scenes with violence. Please use caution around kids. Also, as it includes video images, please allow more time for this page to load.

Destruction must be studied & confronted to be universally terminated. Maybe it’s because the process of termination by definition requires a destructive force of it’s own to prevail the opposite. It really doesn’t matter. This isn’t a very scientific article, but that has never stopped this writer in the past. Being un-scientific doesn’t always prevent things from being observed. This article also, of course, is presented as a gift to men and tomboys all over the world. What could be more interesting to a testosterone filled being than pure destruction, Hollywood style? If there is anything violence in the movies has taught us, it’s that the explosions can’t ever get large enough. Next year will bring a movie with even a bigger explosion, and so forth. The following collection of big bangs is presented as the best five to date. Enjoy the read.

#5 Armageddon

With such a popular title, it’s really not a surprise this movie holds a record in some of the most destructive scenes. If you think this is horrible, which it certainly is, imagine the devastation which Bruce’s character prevented.



#4 Hurt Locker

One of the saddest movies I’ve ever seen, this unreal explosion is designed to remind people what happens in the real world.

Hurt Locker


#3 Swordfish

There is really nothing that can justify such an action. Maybe that’s the reason the movie wasn’t received very well. It’s an endless circle of violence.



#2 Dark Knight

Joker’s terrifying single building explosion stands as one of the scariest in movie history.

Dark Knight

#1 The Matrix

This boom boom set hollywood standards along with public expectations really high. The true, all time best.

The Matrix

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