Top 5 Extreme Celebrities

This is a collection of the bizarre celebrity photos. Not in all the instances the celebrities themselves are extreme here, however, all the pictures depicting celebrities are. This list pushes our star fascinations even further by showing them off on a completely different scale than what we usually see in the tabloids. The objective here is the total outermost excessiveness of every picture. Share this list of the usual Hollywood bunch, and remember, we can judge them because we are normal people, while they are only rich & famous.

#5 Anime Twist

What’s the demographic of women who would still marry this doll if Adrien Brody would actually turn into it.

Adrien Brody


#4 The Other Eminem…

Marilyn Manson doesn’t need much special effects to be extreme. Marilyn-Manson Source

#3 Fat Change

Jared Leto gained 60 lbs for his role in the Chapter 27.

Jared Leto


#2 Elementary Watson

Does Emma look good when she is really bad?

Emma Watson


#1 ‘Doh I Did It Again

Wild take on Britney showing off her bald style.

Britney Spears Homer


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