Top 7 American Movie Directors

It’s time for a serious list for a change. Let’s put our research goggles on and argue for the best modern directors in Hollywood. The current directorial talent. This article might be the unquestionable one truth, but the comment bar is open for any debate just in case. The following bunch have all redefined cinema in their own ways, they are responsible for molding the movie industry into what it is today. Talent of live artists is very hard to measure, this article will focus on the most modern faces. The likes of Alfred Hitchcock can easily hold a place here for the director, while he is better suited for the all time list. Rated by the intensity of the talent, the following top 7 are inarguably presented in reverse chronological order.

#7 Not George Lucas

The seventh most talented Hollywood director is the only one who earned a place on this list for a single, genius sci-fi movie. And no, it’s not Star Wars. The greatest science fiction movie ever told is 12 Monkeys. For that, director Terry Gilliam is here. To George Lucas fans, I understand your struggle. Maybe in the list in the galaxy far away. Click image to view in Full-HD.


#6 The Finchmeister

From roots in the music, to the best success in cinema. The person who created Fight Club, The Game, Seven, also didn’t disappoint with the recent big-dog biographical blockbuster Social Network. David Fincher has proved to millions that the best is yet to come.

David Fincher



#5 Queen

It’s getting dark in here. Kathryn Bigelow is a director of enormous proportions. Industry assigned one person to take down Osama, that person is definitely she.

Kathryn Bigelow



 #4 Pulp Master

From Kill Bill to Inglorious Basterds to the Reservoir Dogs. One man is always assigned to tell the wicked story that’s too twisted for the other guy. That man’s stories always come to life because he treats even blood scenes like flowers. Dialogue like reality. Call it what you want, it’s art. Quentin Tarantino is the master. Click image to view in Full-HD.

 Quentin Tarantino


 #3 Prince

Christopher Nolan recently enslaved millions of fans with wondrous things like the Batman reboot and the Inception, but his talent was very visible from the early work like the moment we saw Momento.

Christopher Nolan



#2 King

There is no man whose work even remotely compares to Steven Spielberg’s. The volume of blockbusters like The Encounters Of The Third Kind, Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, Catch Me If You Can, Jurassic Park, Back To The Future and Men In Black, unarguably pave his title of the modern king of cinema.

Steven Spielberg



 #1 Deity

As many blockbusters as Spielberg has under his sleeve, whenever we discover the blockbuster of blockbusters redefining the industry, we call it Cameron. No man was ever able to achieve such great financial success with every upcoming picture. No other guy united such a diverse audience to like the majority of his work. James Cameron gave us Terminator 2, Titanic, Aliens, and the Avatar. He probably has a time machine to do what he does. His skills are not human. Meet the god of cinema.

James Cameron



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