Top 5 Craziest Street Art Pics

Every street should be covered in one of these. A few little side-effects include occasional depth disorientation, and minor detachment from reality. This is a list about the kind of art that directly translates to the world and most importantly, the coolness sector of our memories. This by no means is a boring way of art, and in that it deserves a nice list. So let’s then compartmentalize a few of these:

#5 Hell Street – one of many?

Hell Street

The setting is a town called Geldern in Germany. Artist is Edgar Mueller with an appropriate name of Hell Street. The depth is so clear, and so is the symbolism.


#4 Coked Out

Julian Beever is the artist of the Virtual Street Reality. This sidewalk has never felt so refreshing to people. One standard of good street art is having the ability to make people slip over imaginary objects.



#3 Crazy Stairs


The coolest street art gives you no clue on where it begins and where it ends, such as shown in the above picture.

#2 Creatively Placed

Smoking Bulb

The smoking light bulb was reported to the janitor. Placement is a huge key to the top ranks of street art. Properly placed, image itself doesn’t have to include much sophistication to be uber entertaining.


#1 Opportune


Zombies street art hack

Zombies Austin Hack

Real show of creativity sometimes doesn’t involve any paint and brushes at all. This is a public alert system, and this is not a test. Three highway signs were hacked on the same street in Austin, Texas.


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