5 Darkest Paintings By A Genius

Joe Fenton is a great new name in the art scene. His work is captivating minds from many different walks of life. This blog post is based on an article called Joe Fenton by Only Creative. Article describes the artist as a Brooklyn visionary who creatively worked with Terry Gilliam & Disney. In my opinion, these kinds of visions are not easy to pass by without a praise. His skill is easy to find, but harder to rate because it’s all great. I think his is a great artist, and that he is obsessed with eyes. If you do see through his work, you should be aware to not be extremely judgmental with dark references. This list picks the best five illustrations.

#5 Eye See

Having such a peaceful monk among a series of ever watching eyes is a great spectacle of truly trippy proportions. It bares a small Monty Pythoneske resemblance, not strange due to creative ties to the abstract worlds.

Eye See



#4 Apple & Eye

The thing that I notice myself doing is finding the sympathy for this creature without jumping to any judgmental conclusions about him holding an eye as easy as an apple. This seems to be a completely different galaxy, so the chance that eye is alive in itself and is friends with this creature comes to mind. Everyone experiences something when looking at these strange fictions… Again, you see the references with eyes.

Apple & Eye




#3 Fishy Smiles

Another mysterious plate that has references to time, gluttony, death & irony. Not a bad, self-incriminating meal.

Fishy Smile



#2 Comic Of Inception

My hypothesis that the repetition with eyes stands for more than just separate, lifeless body parts. Here is a comic themed drawing of the being that the eye represents in Joe Fenton’s mind. The original article features more comic pages of this little man’s journey.

Comic Inception



#1 Mind Blowing

This image has a chaos of things happening in the scene. Too much weirdness for comprehension. Some parts tie in with his other art gems, but the entire scenario is not easy to process leaving you to come back to wonder over it again. There is even more to this picture, some parts are obscured by the panoramic limits of the camera. Nevertheless, the greatest image from Joe Fenton’s warped mind.

Mind Blowing



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