5 Most Expensive Meals

Until the time of sharing actual senses like tastes & smells, in an immersive virtual experience, we shall stick to the old fashioned way of digital photos. At least when it comes to showing exotic things off. The ones that look the most like you can taste, make the list. It’s that simple. What a better way any blog can share some goodies over the holidays, by posting the one thing that brings everyone together. No, not sex. If you are curious about what some people dish out for a dish, then you’re in the right place. Enter the world of playboys & plutocrats. Read, envy, and enjoy!


#5 Only In Big Apple

According to the source, the following two most expensive burgers are presented as such:

  • Name: Le Burger Extravagant
  • Geographic Location: NY, NY
  • Price: $296
  • Info: Comes with a diamond-crusted, solid gold toothpick.

Only In New York



  • Name: Douche Burger
  • Geographic Location: NY, NY traveling food truck.
  • Price: $666
  • Info: Only one sold to dateFood Truck Riches


#4 Donkey Gold

It’s what a donkey can do for you.

  • Name: Donkey Cheese
  • Geographic Location: Zasavica Special Nature Reserve in Serbia
  • Price: $600 – $700 per lbs
  • Info: Only 100 of the world’s purest donkeys are designated with the task of producing the finest cheese to the rest of the world.

Donkey Gold

Fact Source, Image Source

#3 Lobster Rules

The trick behind the most expensive lobster dishes in the world is that it’s mainly about fish eggs, not the lobster, making it exotic.


  • Name: Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata
  • Geographic Location: NY, NY
  • Price: $1000
  • Info: Contains a large amount (around 10 oz.) of caviarLobster Rules



#2 Cupcake For Hunger

  • Name: Golden Phoenix cupcake
  • Geographic Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Price: $27,000 initial price per cupcake. Now reportedly priced around dh 3,700, around $5,000 per unit for the “general public”.
  • Info: Since August 2012, Bloomsbury announced 50% of sales from each cupcake to go directly to the World Food Programme, and is said to be able to feed 1850 unprivileged children per $5000 cupcake. Each cupcake contains real 23 carat edible gold.

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Cupcake for Hunger

Fact Source, Fact & Image Source

#1 Universally Expensive

Just like caviar, white truffles are expensive due to the rarity of the mushroom that it’s made out of. According to the article source, the 2.6 lbs aristocracy is worth at $111,000. Feast with your eyes.

Universally Expensive


Fact Source, Image Source

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