5 Most Scandalous Hipsters

The great hipster movement has provided us with a generous gift, an endless amount of new entertainment. It doesn’t matter if we are joy driving around the neighborhood, waiting for a train, or standing in line for some delicious mocha, there is always a good chance we will witness a scandalous hipster moment. As ready as our phone cameras, regular people are always more alert than they put on. is just the beginning.

#5 Mr. Shorts

This guy is definitely very cool, his coolness being proportionate to the shortness of his shorts.

Mr. Shorts



#4 Test Tube Prophet

Maybe wearing science goggles is acceptable because the world is our experiment.

Test Tube Prophet



#3 Bare Excitement

They just announced the new college cafeteria menu.

Bare Excitement



#2 TrustoCorp

Ok, so maybe this isn’t a photo of a scandalous hipster. But what kind of a twisted hippie persona would inspire such a sign? Think about it.





#1 Hip-Star

Real, or not, there is no larger hipster irony than when Jason Alexander sports his Russian Tundra hat. The pioneer of the hipster movement.




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