5 Of The Most Insane Propaganda Posters

Some people argue that Lenin was the first major marketing brander. He hired the best artists in his nation to convey messages of revolution. Targeting classes with different approaches to have many agree to singular notion. I don’t subscribe to the idea of praising Lenin for anything really, at the same time Lenin, or not, marketing has become world’s major industry. It’s impossible to connect industries without using targeted persuasion methods. From craigslist where one markets their used goods, with facebook people now brand themselves, to the lobbyist who is marketing inside the politics, companies that make billion dollar deals by being sold an idea, to the ad that powers this page you are reading. It’s hyper global, it’s everywhere. For the good, or the bad, we shall see. I think that in order to have a correct objective view of something, knowing history is vital. So what are some of the roots of marketing? How do people now view it? This list will show you the top of the most insane ideas that once freely floated around the world, along with a good comparison for objectivity.

#5 Racial Scrimmage

This example demonstrates an extreme account of foolishness, intolerance, racism and pure douchebaggery that was disguised as advertising.



#4 Bad Joke

This isn’t a real historical poster. Not yet. But if people would subscribe to the same artistic branding tastes of the last century, this message could pass by any regular person 100 times a day without seeming wrong. Propaganda is tailored to seem right to the public. The methods have changed, some games are still the same. This image very accurately portrays how bad words presented in a picturesque way could seem nicer to the people who liked that particular art style.

Bad Joke


#3 Personal Companion

Personal liberty sacrifices have changed, yet are very real to this day. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Personal Companion


#2 Burning Thoughts

Is this how the health class books scare? No, today they use real photographs of the diseased areas. Works much better, and more honest.

Burning Thought



#1 Don’t Fish For Intel

In conclusion, all propaganda was born retarded. Here is one baby. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Don't Fish For Intel


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