5 Saddest Faces On Earth

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With the holiday stress – many people come to realize that all the festivity can be more than just pure joy. Not that all of festive occasions can turn ugly, but more like everyone at times can feel not as cheerful as the people around. I want this list to speak to that feeling, and to show that indeed sadness is always around. For one to recognize the truth can mean being better equipped to deal with it. All of the following faces have turned back to normal, while the moment of their despair was photographed to reach out to the emotions of others, reach out to you who could use a list like this, just for this moment.

#5 Call The Waambulance

Being sad is a natural emotion that all people are born with. These two photos can’t stress that point enough. Call The Waambulance   Source

It’s better to be sad than to deny yourself of it.

Call The Waambulance 2



#4 Damsels In Distress

There is only one thing sadder than a woman not being able to keep face, and that thing is more than one woman being sad at the same time. These two heiresses are seemingly troubled by something very serious, their castle looks dark, abandoned & lonely. There are no kings, staff, kids, or any people at all in sight. The sky is dark, while the largest glimmer of light is placed right above the castle. The sad setting combined with the well portrayed sadness of the two women place this photo as the 4th saddest of all sad photos on the internet. According to the source, the following image is called “Her Sadness” by Olof Erla. Great artwork. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Damsels In Distress


#3 Pity Cat?

Is this not a sad face? This image proves that the particular emotion of being sad isn’t proprietary to the human psyche. Most animals feel emotions.

Pity Cat


Pity Pup.

Pity Pup


#2 The Male Perspective

Males are prone to feeling the same emotions as women, while the society in many ways tries to reject any notion of a man being weak and showing his vulnerabilities. While that’s a norm, the fact that it’s unhealthy for people to always repress, steer themselves away from ever feeling the way their mind wants to – also holds true. Most men are aware of this notion and still choose to repress by the demand of society. Most of the sad face photo searches return women and children, because it’s socially more acceptable. I think if this guy wants to feel sad for a minute, then my bet is that he will come out of it stronger than repressing. Needless to say, yet I still will, this face is a top sad face only because it’s hidden.

The Male Perspective


#1 The Real Deal

Although all of the previous images here are all of sadness, the saddest picture on the planet must be a real photograph, with no artistic adaptation present. This old lady is obviously overwhelmed with loneliness, depression, fear, poverty, she is holding her hand over her mouth as if the pain is too much to bare. The sign of deep fear. Her eyes are closed as if she has given up on looking at the world. This is a visibly cold, true image, & it’s the saddest face on the planet.

Top Sad Photo



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