5 Scariest Women Of Crack Before & After

Crack-rock is a form of cocaine, cooked with other, often dangerous chemical substances to create more product out of less. It’s target are the  low-income addicts, as opposed to the cocaine market; Because of the cheaper price of crack. So at what cost do these addicts save money? Unfortunately, in very many cases, the cost is life. Cocaine isn’t at all any better alternative, that’s not the notion of this article. Crack is cocaine. The notion is that cocaine, in whatever form, has the capability to do the following, often irreversible damage:


#5 Young & Restless

This is a clear example of a life ruined by a cocaine related addiction.

Young & Restless


#4 Retro Example

Years pass, but the results of big mistakes remain horrible.

Retro Example


#3 Human Pieces

Cocaine use will show itself eventually. Some people get away with fading away slower, but it seems to catch up to most who get in.

Human Pieces



#2 Black & Whte

Effects of crack can be seen without much color enhancement. This is how clear they are:

Black & White



#1 The Celebrity

According to the source, the following person is a once semi-famous, American actress Yasmine Bleeth. Her struggle with cocaine is evident. Not even the rich celebrity can escape these consequences.

The Celebrity



2 Responses to “5 Scariest Women Of Crack Before & After”

  1. Larry says:

    WTF the last one looks like a professionally taken photograph vs. a mug shot…the comparison would make anyone look like a crackhead.

    • reproductive orphan. says:

      Not every mugshot looks bad. The difference is crack. Also, it looks like a poster because it is, she’s an actress.

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