7 Most Amazing Life Hacks

As the ultimate authority on everything visual, it’s my job to notice every trend first, then give you a great taste of the best from any world worth mentioning. Today ladies and gents we will be discussing the newly arrived craft of life hacks. What are these sophisticated sounding life hacks? In short, they have emerged out of the constant struggle to create the simplest of methods for dummies to learn easy living online. Furthermore, one picture is constructed in a way to graphically show something useful, often presented with text directions. That’s all a life hack is. This method of teaching and learning is growing popular because of how easy it is to both make, find, and use. Usually only something not well known is considered a good life hack. In a way, they are the wall scribble method of education in the early evolutionary progress of the Internet. In this article, you will see seven of the best life hacks in recent months. Enjoy your read!

 #7 Borrower Beware

This is a perfect example of the kind of great advice that can be shared through the life hacks. The stuff that we usually won’t find in other mediums like books, TV, movies, and music. I never heard a song that came with such useful information. Warning: this article is that of humor and doesn’t condone any discrimination of the music. Just saying… The following picture is meant to help life hack the personal property thieves.

Borrower Beware



#6 Paint Pro Deluxe

We usually don’t use product placement as list items. That kind of a thing can cost one entire journalistic reputation. Yet, this site always tears through the box of envelopes. Ever since the Tom Sawyer’s prank days, many great Americans have loved to paint, and offer paint services to others. Meanwhile, every paint job comes with a set of possible problems due to the leakage. Worry no more. Presenting the Paint Pro Deluxe: a 1-item, 1-step, easy attachment to your can of paint. Save potentially not $1000, not $2000, but over $3000 on such things like accidental carpet stains, wasted paint, ruined clothes and shoes, damage liability lawsuits, and much, much more. And as this a great day, each and every reader of this article can get their Paint Pro Deluxe absolutely free. Look around school areas and libraries for your free set.

Paint Pro Deluxe



#5 Sorcery

I had the same problem, and I used to connect a hose end to the sink tap, how stupid I was…



#4 Torture Resistant

You know it’s a good life hack when something like this could actually be a product. This invention presents a solution to the pancake manufacturers’ obvious appetite for torturing their customers. This proves that pancake lovers are a resourceful bunch.

Torture Resistant


#3 Power Test

Aren’t these life hacks addictive and full of useful information? Wait to answer till after you see the following image.

Power Test



#2 Munch Ball

Finally, there is a life hack so simple, it really needs not any directions. If you can’t recreate the mouth split, and the screwed eyes, well, then even life hacks are over your head.

Munch Ball



#1 ReInkarnation

This is a mind blowing hack, it proudly represents the best of what life hacks are all about. Easy, cheap, knowledge ways to lead a more productive life. You can’t print money, so why would you want ink makers to erase it?



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