7 Unique Post-Modern Rooms

This list addresses the fascination with the post-modern architecture. In most of these cases, the design and the elegance of the space is visually appealing, but never 100% of the time. There is a standard of presence of the uniqueness factor for this list, and every photo was especially selected for a different theme to this same general category. Feel free to share this list with your friends, and talk about these rooms in the comments area.

#7 Really Simple

Modern philosophy on style doesn’t necessary mean cramped up with extraordinary features. Many people choose space and simplicity.

Simple Room

Simple Deck


#6 Dark Beauty

According to the Celebrity Home Design Blogspot, this room is located on the thirteenth floor of a Tokyo highrise. City view has a mouth watering effect in this picture.

Night Apartment


#5 Big Place

This post-modern room from the recent movie Tron Legacy is extremely matchless.

Tron Room


#4 Under The Sea

This is an extremely unique underwater hotel room.

Under Water


#3 Weirdness

Sometimes a post-modern room can be just so weird, more than any other adjective to describe it, and in this case, weirdness and not appeal, lands it on the number 3 spot of this list.

Weird Room


#2 Decorative Trick

Knowing what to do with the provided space is the ultimate tool of style, this pool bedroom is a masterpiece. The only problem here is to not let the TV fall in the water.

Pool Bedroom


#1 Capsule

Incorporation of simplicity with natural elegance, sprinkled with light weirdness, firmly places this room in the number one spot of this list.

Nature Capsule


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