7 Weirdest Buildings

While on the topic of extreme buildings, the weird side feels like a natural fit for this post. Structures are not cheap to produce in the Babylon, maybe that’s why when a choice is made to build it weird, that could be as intriguing as let’s say, the most expensive mansions 🙂 Anyway, there is really something catchy about weird buildings, mine was only one possible hypothesis trying to explain why we like the things we like. Maybe we like stuff because of just that, regardless of the reason. Enough nonsensical talk, I present you now with this unquestionably, indisputable, the one correct list of the weirdest buildings around our great planet. All in indisputably correct order. Any other compilation of strange buildings is a complete fraud, & is a certain attempt to mentally brainwash you into becoming a flea hoarder. Until the day you discover the flea is hoarding you…Dam you Head & Shoulders, dam you for the permanent frizz on my ability to trust!… I’m glad I deleted that previous part about fleas and shampoo, that would’ve been horrible, now as cheerful as ever from this humble blog, enjoy the only real list of the weirdest buildings. The comment lines are open for the impossible scenario of anything at all being wrong. Nine out of ten strange architects in America agree, this is the best list of the weirdest real-estate contraptions.

#7 The Inverted Chapel

And on the eighth day he created that small bizarre building that eventually fell and hurt some innocent lady’s toy poodle. He then put an application for reassignment… Enjoy the seventh strangest thing to have been built by modern man. The great pyramids are cool, especially knowing their mystical history, but this looks retarded enough that it can actually fall on a person and possibly injure someone. And it’s inside a park. Seventh greatest – no, seventh weirdest. Welcome to the list.

The Inverted Chapel



Wouldn’t it be easier to finish this building before resting it upside down? The more I find, the dumber it looks. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Inverted Chapel 2


Are they waiting in line to buy an upside down gallon of milk? How does that work? It’s milked from an upside down cow, of course. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Upside Down Cow


#6 Everything Isn’t Art

Celebrating the blah darkness, blah. People can’t expect to paste horse manure onto an architectural blank page and call it art. Some things that work on paper, don’t work as our buildings. This isn’t even the entire building, yet it’s so creepy and strange that it completely qualifies for the inclusion based purely on this one inhuman version of a clock. Someone really did go through with an idea of taking that eerie, standing furniture clock from the old houses, and forced it onto a city block. It’s one thing if some dark art is looked at privately, like in a movie, but people who have to look at this every day don’t have the clicker. I’d rather celebrate that highway sign for It was worth a try.

Everything Isn't Art



 #5 Out Of Place

Based on other humble and similar to each other surroundings, this building is completely out of place. Every country has that wealthy eccentric person, or a company that likes to stick it to everyone else on style. At least when the robbers try to climb this structure, they probably just slide right off, so it was built with something in mind. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Out Of Place


#4 Big Music

Not all things strange are grotesque strange. This happens to be an example. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Cool Strange


#3 Future Warns

There is a reason to why buildings are shaped in a way that they can never roll out of place. This architectural design of a futuristic inhabited ball will remain a concept purely for that reason. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Future Warns


#2 Bagging Designers

Any successful business knows that image branding is everything. Now imagine: You are a CEO of a large size business, and your employees go to work in a giant purse. What’s the reason? Any publicity is good publicity. This is the publicity. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Bagging Designers


View from the top makes it a bit more bearable to see. I’m glad things do appear smaller in the distance. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Bagging Designers


#1 The Dune House

Personally, I wouldn’t like the lawnmowers over my roof every day. This is an actual house. According to the source, this Florida property is worth 1.4 million. Now you’ve seen it all, my job is done.

Dune House


The Dune House 2



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  1. Meaw says:

    I visited that music museum they let you stand on the top of the piano.

  2. BlueRisingDuck69 says:

    @ Meaw No they don’t, you would fall off. Why you lie so much liar? Stop lying.

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