8 Great Cars For A Luxurious Lifestyle

Article by Amy. An original reader contribution. 

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The number of exotic cars owned by a person plays a great role in a luxurious lifestyle. Today, there is an astounding number of exotic cars available on the market. Price of each luxury car is determined according to the features and brand. Some of the main features that decide the pricing of a car include popularity and the reliability of the manufacturer, and make. Some of the top luxury cars available on the market include Ferrari, Jaguar, Aston Martin and Maybach. Following are some of the best sold luxury cars.

# 8 Audi A6

One of the best sold luxury cars on the global market. It comes with an ex-showroom price ranging between $66,866 and $78,333. Amazing comfort option is a key feature of this car. Keyless entry, center arm-reasts, sunroof, and a parking camera are some of the important features worth mentioning.

2013 Audi A6


#7 BMW 3 Series

This renowned luxury car comes with fabulous features like safe body-shell, signature key with red trim and Run Flat Indicator. Apart from the above specified features, BMW 3 series are also known to hold the highest standards over common features like front fog lamps and alloy wheels. Some of which are proprietary to BMW through patent holding.

2013 BMW M3 Series


#6 The New Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner has bold design and attractive presence that grabs the hearts of car enthusiasts across the world. Advanced diesel engine is one of the highlighting features of Toyota Fortuner. Exotic ventilated front disc-brake and a bonnet with a large scoop provide a completely new & exclusive car look.

Toyota Fortuner


#5 Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne is one of the best sold luxury cars on the market. This superb performer on the road comes with innovative features like enhanced turbo performance, side curtain airbags, & a power-lift gate. Today, this particular model is available in seven variants, which include S, Base, GTS and Turbo. Click image to view in Full-HD.



#4 2014 Mercedes Benz CLA-Class

This class from Mercedes has already captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of car lovers across the world. Seamless transmission is a key feature of this particular vehicle. It comes equipped with refreshed upscale interiors and a potent engine for it’s high performance. Other important features of this luxury car include power-door locks, roof antenna, and alloy wheels.

Mercedes Benz CLA Class


#3 BMW X1

This luxury SUV is available in an array of vivid color sets like the Sea-Blue, Black Sapphire, Valencia Orange, and Midnight Blue. Important features of this new BMW include the cornering brake control, an advanced anti-lock brake system, and electronic vehicle immobilizer. At the present moment, BMW X1 is available in three variants which include xLine and Sport Line.



#2 Audi Q7

This luxury car features a fabulous design. First introduced in Los-Angeles, 2006, Audi Q7  works magic like seating up to seven passengers in three separate rows. Presently, this version from Audi comfortably sits in between A6 and A8 series. Click to view image in Full-HD.

Audi Q7


#1 BMW 5 Series

Here the BMW 5 series shows off it’s impressive, exotic features like the automatic climate control system, perfectly structured instrument panel, and the advanced electric power steering with servotronic. Click image to view in Full-HD.

BMW 5 Series

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