The Best Happy New Year Images

The celebration of the next year, as any other year expected to bring in new anticipations, surprises, hesitations and gifts, represents the continuity of life. And what better way to share the representations of this event, than sharing the celebratory images around with those who matter in our lives. The following five images were selected as the best representatives of this category. As always, there are millions of different ways to wish someone a happy new year. Happy new year!

#5 On The Shores Of Life

This image stresses the eventuality of the waives washing through the numbers.

On The Shores Of Life


#4 The Cynical Version

There is little argument of that the next one had been predicted to be special.

The Cynical Version


#3 Minus 1

The numbers take on a life of their own, as we pass the characteristics of ourselves onto them.



#2 Stuck Behind

Some holidays are so close to each other, it really does seem like there is Santa standing at the edge of every passing year.

Stuck Behind


#1 The Origami Club

This image is full of vibrance, which is associable with the future.

The Origami Club


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