Funniest 5 Misspelled And Wrong Tattoos

Some people have to embrace their eternal mistakes and continue living normal lives, even if there are always hinder reminders. The worst kind of stupid mistakes usually end up commemorated in ink, and on the skin. In all the common sense, and seriousness, any tattoo is an eternal contract with oneself, and has to be looked at as seriously as the worth of life. Thus, the consideration, preparation and the execution of such a contract must be made very, very carefully. Tattoo shops cover their steps with accidental liability waivers and abatement contracts, it is essentially up to every individual to protect their body to the very best of their ability. With much heightened senses when a decision for tattooing has been made.

#5 The Patriot

This person is actually trying to represent the Clemson University, not Clemons as his back would have you believe.




#4 Ugly Spelling Tutor

This is a forever kind of a mistake.

Ugly Spelling Tutor



#3 Just Wrong

Does this artist suffer with the latent stage of Alzheimer? This is actually really sad. Not only did they not portray the correct ethnicity, they made the woman’s daughter look like a possessed goblin from another dimension.

Blind Artist



#2 Star Humanized

According to the source, this Heroes TV actress, Hayden Panettiere, has a tattoo that translates to “live without regrets” from Italian. However, the Rimipianti part is completely misspelled.

Star Humanized


Information Source Image Source

#1 Jugement Day

“Dude, what does it say? Dude.”

Dude Where's My Mind



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  1. Lois says:

    The blog is cool

  2. Lmao says:

    LMFAO y does number 4 has see through chicken bones crossed! What reatards idk y got ink if cant flaunt it boi. Funny article. Playa fo life and beyond.

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