Most Expensive Ends Of The Motorcycle Spectrum

Once again, the Spring is right in our faces, the season of dreams is here again. The hibernation period is over for all the living things. Last year, somewhere around this time – did an article on the best of the most expensive bicycles. Since then, the article had become popular among our readers, so the motorcycles seem like a natural step. Since money is the standard for any item of value, then it’s logical to associate the most expensive with the best. Although I do wish I could someday buy the new Maybach for a nickel, I know it’s a lost cause… Bikes are amazing in any type of the way they are made: from the pedal mountain bicycle, to the fastest crotch rocket bike; All of them are objects of the Spring, the season before us. Enjoy!

#6 Our Icon

Feast either with your eyes, or with your wallets. Even if this image inspires you to own something like this, then my job was worthy of doing… According to the source, the designer of this bike made it as a tribute to the Grand Prix Motorcycle World-Champion Barry Stephen Frank Sheene. Icon Sheene price: $160,000

i Sheene



160K from the back.

160K from the back



#5 Steam Power

The best and most expensive go hand-in-hand, but not 100% of the time. One example is this steam powered Smithsonian exhibit, believed to be one of the first motorcycles in the world. It was the first and the best of it’s time, it’s current price reflects that notion, thus qualifying this 1894 Roper Steam Motorcycle for the inclusion to this list. It is estimated at a half of a million dollars. Click this image to see it in full HD.

1894 Roper Steam Cycle



#4 Carbon Copy Ten

According to the source, this  Ecosse Titanium Series RR Limited Edition bike is made out of clear carbon fiber, and only ten were produced. Estimated price: $275,000

Ecosse Titanium Series RR Limited Edition


Info Source   Image Source

 #3 The Ducati Project

Ducati, one the most known brands in luxury motorcycles took on a challenge to produce one of the fastest bikes, that’s also one of the lightest. The result is the Ducati NCR M16. The picture of which speaks for itself. Retail cost: $232,500


Ecosse Titanium Series RR Limited Edition



#2 MTT Turbine SuperBike

This is one of the newest additions to the Motorcycle luxury list. Production of these started in 2000, featuring a Rolls-Royce turbine engine (yep, as in airplane jet turbine) and the speeds of up to 227mph, is valued at $185,000. According to Wiki, every single one of these new bikes features a used engine. You see, according to FAA, all of these airplane engines have to be replaced at some point, regardless of the condition of the engine, a rule that’s not the case for the ground vehicles using the same type of engines. MTT gets these jet engines relatively cheap to feature in their bikes. Among other attributes, Guinness World Records 2009 recognizes this as both the Most Powerful Production Motorcycle, and the Most Expensive Production Motorcycle at the same time.

MTT Turbine Superbike



#1 Da Hawk

According to Forbes, this non-street-legal baby is at $555,000… That’s if suggested retail concept can be applied to an item that sold 9-10 units in the world. With over half a million dollars, even rich people tend to not buy objects that move at speeds over 400 miles an hour. Which explains the reason why it’s not made for the street, since it’s not physically possible to travel mostly any street on earth at 400mph.

Dodge Tomahawk



Another look at the same greatness of Dodge Tomahawk.




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