Strangest Hair Styles

What kind of a do do you do? Hair by default is universally considered to be the single most important physical attribute of a human being. Some people like to have fun with their best & natural features. This list is proud to feature such people, as they are happy to share their artistic commemorations with the rest of us. Please feel free to share this list using the social networking tools on the bottom of the page.

#5 Fly Style

This woman is happy to feature a cool helicopter on top of her head. This chopper features blades, and looks overall authentic.

Fly Style


#4 Dread Mold

This guy looks like the Dog – The Bounty Hunter, before he got famous. American subculture is full of dreadlocked hair representing the statement against the establishment. However, things can take a detrimental turn when these dreads take the shape of solidified tree mold and actually become dreaded.

Dread Mold


#3 K9 On Top

This woman looks shockingly beautiful, despite having an extremely realistic, second head of a puppy. Hopefully this attraction doesn’t constitute zoophilia in any way, as many guys would find themselves perplexed.

K9 On Top


#2 Secret Hair Man

This style is as original as it’s intimidating.

Secret Hair Man


#1 Shrine On

The strange just got stranger. This Barbie head shrine is the breaking point.

Shrine On

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  1. Dane Luvmeister says:

    This doll weirdo guy reminds me of Riddick on crack.

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