Top 5 Largest Japanese Food Creations

As you can probably see, I have been in a sort of a writer’s block since August. Every writer gets it. But fear no more. List is back & it’s better than ever. This topic alone should prove to you that my hi-jinx of searching the net for the most visually impressive reporting is never over. It’s a gift and a curse. Well, it’s mainly just a gift… Back to the topic, as some of you already know, & for those who don’t, one of Japanese’ culinary styles is reproducing food, but much bigger. I think it’s time I let you see what I’m talking about here. Let’s have some visual examples do a bit of reporting.


#7 That’s A Big Fish-Ball

A great example of a Sushi-Godzilla hybrid.




#6 Bacon Heaven

Bacon in comparison to an IPhone.



#5 On A Roll

Why stop the good times from rolling? If Italian Spaghetti make people happy, then why not make the most out of it.




#4 Culture Shock

Now, I finally understand how the fascination of our great culture can lead to some health issues. Too much of the same, unfortunately doesn’t always lead to a great idea. A great sight, nonetheless. Example in the following:




#3 Eating In Bulk

This plate was probably designed for a giant. Or, at least, a giant food enthusiast.




#2 Originality Rocks

All original dishes of Japan are extremely artistic in addition to being extremely delicious. This is one of the largest in height, original dishes I’ve ever seen, & like anything original from Japan, it deserves a high rating. This evidently appears to be an exotic dish for it’s complexity. Source,, reports making these large portions might be a growing trend in Japan. While many smaller-scale, similar food engineering can usually be found in any ethnic Japanese restaurant in the US, & across the globe.




#1 From The Giant Chicken Farm

Having had a little more luck in life, this chicken could potentially take on, & defeat a pit bull.



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