Top 5 Extreme Before & After Makeup

Many people have adopted to finding ways of correcting visual imperfections. The most used product to change one’s appearance of skin is makeup. They come from many different blends, brands, and lands. Some even promise to correct superficialities while covering them up. The main goal of this article isn’t about finding the best brand, but revealing how much the identity of the masked can really be changed. Can some completely transfer their visual personas with the use of a mix of these makeup sets, for an invisible mask result? This article is designed to answer that question visually, instead of having to hear yet another opinion. This list are the top contenders, found within vast corners of the internet. Brought here for your amusement. Enjoy the read.

#5 One Second Change

The craziest thing about this kind of a transformation is that it in most probability didn’t take her that long to achieve this look. She has probably done this many times, has a technique, and the change is more drastic, quicker, cheaper than most plastic surgeries. And it’s not permanent. Bravo.

One Second Change


#4 Coin Sides

It’s not coincidental, that both of these faces represent the same coin.

Coin Sides



#3 Flame To Fame

I think this is a special photo because as a female person, she is attractive in both cases, while the change is still ridiculous. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Flame To Fame


#2 Ink Hitch

The question I would probably ponder about is which face the groom truly loves the most. Can one say he loves the ink, but not the main?… From white to black, the transformation is truly stunning. Click image to view in Full-HD.

Ink Hitch




#1 Plain to Flame

Live proof of some peoples’ inability to accept the genetic cards they were dealt. This image reminds me of a movie called Gattaca. An easy choice for the best makeup transformation in the world spot.

Plain To Flame



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