Top 5 Funniest Street Signs

The following is the collection of the funniest five street signs. These types of images are really the modern form of art, as they are an easy way to reach the mobile population, and then travel through our sharing channels. The funny messages are becoming more meaningful and mimic our culture and subculture. If you have some of your own favorite funny street signs to share, please insert a link in your comment, and we will automatically review it for the inclusion.

#5 No Way Out

Modern person understands that in the Babylon, sometimes a person has no choice, but to become a choice-less piece of a robot.

Babylonian Sign



#4 You Heard The Man, Now Translate

The city wants you to be nice to your pets.

The Bark Notice



#3 The Oldest Sign In The World

From the oldest profession in the world, stems the funniest sign.

No Hooking



#2 Check Your Connection

This is not short of the modern day art.

Modern Connection



#1 All Denominations Recognized

The best system of the local government is the one that recognizes the most of it’s population. And additionally, it’s so much better to crawl than to drive drunk.

Better Crawl Than Drive


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