Best 5 Mental Karate Moves

There is no person in the world who hasn’t heard of the art of self-defense. Henceforth, we present the list of the best Karate takes, featuring our very first action item. There is no better topic to start listing videos as items on our list, this is what action is all about. So bring down your defenses and absorb the best images from the world of limitless self-discipline. After you review this list, feel free to hit your friends with it, or kick it to your best sibling’s facebook page.

#5 Wedding Sparring

They are only treating themselves like professionals in the warm-up of the typical Karate marriage.

Karate Marriage


#4 Clawing At It

The one with the pants must be the Sensei.

Karate Cats


#3 Low Kick

Everybody knows he will really use the money on comedy lessons.

Karate Beg Move


#2 Bruce Lee

No collection is complete without a radical move by Bruce Lee. Top Fighter (1993).

Top Fighter


#1 Action Item

It’s impossible to have the list of action, without any. Favorite moveĀ at minute 1:32-:1:42.


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